Lothian Cat Rescue Wish List


Lothian Cat Rescue is a registered charity formed to help cats and kittens that have been abandoned, ill-treated, neglected or are unwanted for whatever reason. Rehoming the cats that are brought to the shelter is our number one priority and our policy is to never have a healthy cat put to sleep.

Lothian Cat Rescue and Catseye Cattery Online Shop have teamed-up to create this dedicated list of essential everyday products (and a few luxuries too !!) 

These products are vital for Lothian Cat Rescue to continue their fantastic work in caring for and rehoming hundreds of cats and kittens each year.

How It Works:

1. Choose from the products listed below by clicking on the description or image.

2. Enter the quantity you'd like to purchase and continue shopping until you're done!

3. Go the Checkout and enter your details. Please ensure that you change the shipping address to Lothian Cat Rescue (full delivery address below)

4. Select the FREE DELIVERY method for LCR and enter the discount code" Kitty Coupon" to get 10% OFF!!

4. Paying is simple and secure with your normal debit or credit card.

We then ship the products directly to LCR with a delivery note letting them know who purchased the goodies!

To keep our kitty miles down, we normally make deliveries to LCR once per week, usually at the Weekend!


Please ensure that you include the shipping address for LCR, or the delivery may come to you!!

Lothian Cat Rescue Brewers Bush, Cockpen Road, Bonnyrigg, EH19 3JH

Thanks for your support.



Woodbased Cat Litter by Verdo 4x10kg  

Standard Cat Litter Tray   

Applaws Cat Food 24 x 70g tins Chicken     

Applaws Car Food 24 x 70g Tins Ocean Fish 

 Lily's Kitchen Organic Chicken Supper 85g 

Lilys Kitchen NEW Catch of the Day Fish 85g  

Lily's Kitchen Organic Supper Meal Beef 85g  

 Lily's Kitchen Organic Supper Meal Fish 85g 

 Lilys' Kitchen Hunter's Hot Pot Supper Meal 85g 

Lily's Kitchen Mature Chicken Supper Meal 85g  

Lily's Kitchen Complete Dry Food Chicken  

 Hills Science Plan Light 1.5kg 

Hills Science Plan Optimal Care 2kg 

Felix in Jelly 44 x 100g Pack   We Deliver this product to LCR ONLY

Felix as good as it looks 44 x 100g Pack   We Deliver this product to LCR ONLY


Whiskas Fisherman's Choice 40 x 100g Pack   We Deliver this product to LCR ONLY


 Sisal Cat Scratcher Large 


 Open Cat Bed 

 Conficlean 2 Disinfectant Spray 500ml