Atlas 20 Cat/Small Dog Carrier Open Top 58x37x32cm


Atlas Open: the panoramic model in the Atlas range of pet carriers. 
Do you prefer a pet carrier for dogs and cats with a closed roof or 
an open one? The choice is yours!
Your pets will travel in first class: they can eat and drink whenever 
they want to or they can doze on a comfortable cotton cushion. Atlas 
Open pet carriers for cats and dogs are comfortable and safe. They 
are made of plastic and can be opened from both the door and roof, 
which are made of plastic-coated steel. The lateral plastic fasteners 
ensure a perfect fit, thanks to the special locking system.

The Atlas Open pet carrier for dogs and cats is ideal for taking your 
four-legged friend with you by train, plane or boat. It can also be 
placed on the car seat for short trips, like a trip to the vet for a 
check-up or for a short trip into the countryside. There are three 
available models: Atlas 10 and 20 Open are suitable for both cats and small dogs, 
while the Atlas 30 larger model is best for dogs and large cats.

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